SureFire Harrier 360 Review: Cheap Feeling Headset But with Comfort, Decent Audio

SureFire Harrier 360 Review

The SureFire Harrier 360 is a gaming headset that promises high-quality sound and comfortable earpads. However, its build quality and comfort are questionable, with a sharp finish on the edges, tight clamping pressure, and a cheap feeling controller. While the audio quality has some good characteristics, with decent directional surround sound and detailed highs, the midrange is flat and the bass can overpower the detail in the top end. The detachable microphone has mediocre recording quality and picks up a fair amount of background noise. Overall, the SureFire Harrier 360 falls short in comparison to other gaming headsets in its price range, and for a little bit more, you can find more reputable and reliable options on the market.

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