Garmin inReach Messenger Handheld Satellite Communicator Review

Garmin inReach Messenger Handheld Satellite Communicator Review

Garmin has released a new handheld satellite communicator called the inReach Messenger. This device allows users to send and receive two-way text messages globally, even in areas without cell coverage. The communicator can be paired with the Garmin Messenger smartphone app, allowing users to easily text back and forth with friends and family, as well as participate in group text chats. The app also offers a “check in” feature, which allows users to send preset messages to contacts without using up their allotted text messages.

The inReach Messenger also has the ability to share GPS location data, and includes an interactive SOS function that can be triggered in case of emergency. This sends a message to the Garmin IERCC, a 24/7 staffed monitoring and coordination center, for assistance. The communicator has the added convenience of being able to switch seamlessly between Wi-Fi and cellular/satellite networks, providing superior connectivity and cost-efficiency for all communications.

The device is small, lightweight, and rugged, making it suitable for outdoor adventures. Its internal, rechargeable lithium battery has a lifespan of up to 28 days in 10-minute tracking mode, and also has a safety charging feature that can help recover a depleted phone.

Overall, the Garmin inReach Messenger is a useful tool for staying connected with friends and family while on the go, especially in areas without cell coverage. It offers a variety of features such as two-way text messaging, group messaging, and an interactive SOS function, all of which can be accessed through the device itself or the accompanying smartphone app. However, it should be noted that an active satellite subscription is required to use the device, and it may be regulated or prohibited in certain jurisdictions.

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