Sony Honda’s Afeela Prototype: The Future of In-Car Advertising?

Sony Honda's Afeela Prototype: The Future of In-Car Advertising?

Sony and Honda have unveiled their latest prototype car, the Afeela, at CES 2023. The electric vehicle is set to hit the road in 2026 and boasts a sleek design, a range of sensors and safety features, and a dashboard complete with screens for entertainment.

One standout feature of the Afeela is the “media bar,” a horizontal display located between the headlights on the exterior of the car. According to Yashide Mizuno, CEO of Sony Honda Mobility, the media bar allows the car to “express itself by sharing various types of information to people around it,” including custom colors, battery level, and weather updates.

Sony Honda's Afeela Media Bar Dashboard

However, during the press conference, Mizuno also mentioned that Sony Honda Mobility is exploring “the possibility of how the media bar can create fun and exciting mobility interactions,” which was immediately followed by an advertisement for the movie Spider-man: No Way Home appearing on the media bar. This has led some to worry about the potential for gross advertising on cars, with the possibility of every parked or stopped car displaying targeted ads.

Pre-orders for the Afeela are expected to begin in early 2025, with the first cars being delivered to North America in Spring 2026.

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