Revolutionizing Health Tracking with Withings’ U-Scan Urine Analyzer

Revolutionizing Health Tracking with Withings' U-Scan Urine Analyzer

Withings, a well-known brand in the health tech industry, has introduced a new device called the U-Scan. The U-Scan is designed to analyze and track various aspects of a person’s health through the analysis of urine samples. The device is a shell-shaped piece of hardware that sits on the edge of the toilet bowl and captures a small sample of fluid during urination. Within about a minute, the device pushes conclusions about the user’s menstrual cycle or nutrition (depending on the installed cartridge) to their phone.

The U-Scan is Withings’ first foray into the world of body fluid analysis, and it has garnered attention due to the weight of the brand’s reputation in the health tech space. In order to use the device, users must be comfortable sitting on the toilet and the device does make a noticeable noise during the processing of the sample. The device analyzes the pH and specific gravity of the urine sample and can provide valuable insights for individuals looking to monitor and improve their health and wellness.

It is worth noting that the U-Scan is still in the prototype stage and it is unclear when it will be widely available for consumer use. However, the device has the potential to be a valuable tool for those interested in tracking their health and wellness. The U-Scan could provide users with convenient and accurate information about their menstrual cycles or nutrition, which could help them make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.

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