PG&E and Green Yachts Partner to Retrofit Angel Island Ferry into an Electric Watercraft

PG&E and Green Yachts Partner to Retrofit Angel Island Ferry into an Electric Watercraft

The Angel Island Ferry in the Bay Area of California is set to become the state’s first electric short-hop ferry in 2024. The ferry company is partnering with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to retrofit one of its vessels, the Angel Island, as an electric vehicle (EV). PG&E will be responsible for installing charging infrastructure at the Angel Island ferry terminal and increasing electrical transmission to the facility. The retrofitting work will be carried out by Green Yachts, who will replace the current propulsion system with an electric one.

The electrified Angel Island ferry will be a zero-emissions watercraft and will operate without polluting the San Francisco Bay. The 59-foot-long vessel will be capable of carrying residents and tourists on one of the most popular ferry routes in the area. PG&E has stated that the electric ferry will be California’s first zero-emissions, short-run ferry once it begins operation in 2024.

The trend towards electric ferries is not limited to California. In British Columbia, Canada, BCFerries service has begun using battery-hybrid ferries that can carry 47 vehicles between the mainland and outlying islands. In Stockholm, starting this year, the Candela P-12, one of the world’s fastest electric passenger vehicles, will carry passengers between the city center and the suburban island of Eker√∂.

The move towards electric ferries is part of a larger effort to reduce emissions and improve sustainability in the transportation industry. Electric ferries offer a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel-powered vessels. The Angel Island Ferry’s electrification project is expected to serve as a model for other ferry companies looking to transition to electric propulsion.

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