Meta Launches Paid Verification Program for Facebook and Instagram in the US

Meta Launches Paid Verification Program for Facebook and Instagram in the US

Meta, the parent company of social media giants Facebook and Instagram, has launched its paid verification program in the US. The new program will allow users to get a blue verification badge on Facebook and Instagram for a monthly subscription of $12, or $15 through iOS or Android platforms to account for in-app payment cuts.

Meta Verified members will also receive proactive impersonation protection and direct access to customer support, in addition to extra stickers for Stories and Reels and some monthly stars that can be used to tip Facebook creators. The verification process requires users to provide Meta with a piece of government-issued ID that matches their name and photo on their account and meets other eligibility requirements, such as being 18 or older and having two-factor authentication enabled.

Unlike in Australia and New Zealand, where the program was launched last month, US-based Meta Verified subscribers won’t have increased visibility in some parts of the apps yet. Meta has stated that it is still exploring the value and learning from feedback before it expands this component outside Australia and New Zealand.

Meta has emphasized the importance of the verification program in ensuring that users know they’re interacting with the right people and building trust on its platforms. The program’s requirement for a piece of government-issued ID aims to minimize the prevalence of fake accounts on its platforms, although some critics have raised concerns about privacy and security.

The launch of the paid verification program comes after Twitter launched its own paid program, Twitter Blue, through which users can pay for a blue check mark and other perks. However, Meta Verified is different in that it requires a government-issued ID to verify accounts.

As Meta continues to test its verification program, the company says it will look into adding other features to the program. While the program is aimed at individual users, it may also be of interest to businesses and public figures who want to establish their online identities and gain more credibility.

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