Mercedes to Adapt to Electric Cars by Dropping EQ Brand

Mercedes to Adapt to Electric Cars by Dropping EQ Brand

Mercedes-Benz may be dropping the EQ brand for its electric vehicles (EVs) as soon as late 2024. According to sources speaking to German daily Handelsblatt, the company will no longer have much use for the label when more and more of its cars will be electric. Mercedes first used the EQ name on production cars with the 2019 EQC SUV and has since applied the branding to both electrified versions of conventional designs like the EQB and unique models like the EQS SUV. Concept cars like the long-range EQXX have also stuck to the nomenclature.

In a statement to Reuters, a Mercedes spokesperson said that it was “too early” to divulge plans but added that the automaker would “adapt” the use of the EQ brand as it transitioned to an all-EV lineup by 2030. The spokesperson also stated that the identification still plays a key role in the company’s current electric vehicle strategy.

If the report is true, the rethink won’t come as a surprise. While car manufacturers have frequently used names to highlight electric powerplants, such as the Chevy Bolt and Ford Mustang Mach-E, they’re starting to rely on more traditional monikers as EVs become more commonplace. Chevy’s upcoming electric Blazer is one example. As EVs become more common, manufacturers won’t be able to use the presence of an electric motor as a selling point, and will instead focus on the traditional branding of their cars.

This move by Mercedes follows the trend of other car manufacturers who are also shifting towards more traditional branding for their EVs. As the market for electric vehicles continues to grow, consumers will likely see more and more familiar monikers on electric cars. Mercedes has been a leader in the EV market, and with this move, the company is signaling its confidence in the future of electric vehicles.

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