Hyundai’s e-Corner Technology Takes a Step Closer to Reality

Hyundai's e-Corner Technology Takes a Step Closer to Reality

Hyundai has once again showcased its e-Corner technology, a wheel-turning system that allows cars to move diagonally and rotate on the spot, at the recent CES 2021 show. This time around, the automaker’s Mobis division has integrated e-Corner into an Ioniq 5 EV. This represents a major step forward for the technology, which was first debuted at CES 2018, bringing it closer to reality.

The e-Corner module is similar to the Hummer EV’s “CrabWalk” functionality, allowing a car’s wheels to turn in ways that traditional suspension systems do not permit. This makes it possible to complete maneuvers that would otherwise be impossible with a traditional vehicle. Parallel parking, for example, can be done by turning the wheels 90 degrees and driving the car horizontally. Additionally, it’s possible to pull off a pivot turn, which is less practical but equally as cool.

Despite the advancements, it will still likely be a few more years before e-Corner modules start appearing in production vehicles. Hyundai Mobis announced plans to begin rolling out the technology in 2025. However, it is possible that other automakers may incorporate the technology into their cars since the division also produces parts for other companies, not just Hyundai.

The e-Corner technology promises to make the driving experience more convenient and efficient, with the potential to make parallel parking, U-turns and tight turns much simpler. Furthermore, it could also improve safety, by allowing for more precise maneuvers in tight spaces or during emergency situations. With Hyundai’s advancements in this technology, it may become a common feature in future EVs. While it may be a few more years before it makes its way into production vehicles, the technology is certainly something worth keeping an eye on.

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