Get Medications for 80 Common Health Conditions for $5 a Month with Amazon’s RxPass

Get Medications for 80 Common Health Conditions for $5 a Month with Amazon's RxPass

Amazon has launched a new subscription service called RxPass in the United States, which will allow customers to get as many eligible medications as they need for just $5 a month. The service is part of the e-commerce giant’s Pharmacy business, which originally launched in 2020 as a two-day prescription drug delivery offering for Prime users. This means that RxPass is an additional $5 for Prime, which costs $139 a year or $15 a month in the US.

The RxPass program offers medications for 80 common health conditions, including high blood pressure, acid reflux, anemia, depression, diabetes, breast cancer, and dementia. At the moment, it has 60 generic medications on its list, all of which require a valid prescription, and subscribers can choose to have them delivered for free either on a monthly or quarterly basis.

It’s worth noting that customers will need to pay $5 out of pocket since the service does not take insurance as Amazon Pharmacy does for purchases outside of the program. Additionally, those enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, and other government healthcare programs will not be able to sign up for RxPass, though they can still use their government insurance when purchasing medicine from Pharmacy.

For people with multiple conditions paying a lot more than $5 a month for their medications out of pocket, RxPass could be worth trying out, especially if they already have Prime. However, those interested should take a look at the service’s full medication list first to see if it offers what they need before heading to the Pharmacy website or the Amazon app to sign up.

Overall, this new service from Amazon is an interesting development in the healthcare industry, providing a more affordable and convenient way for people to access their medications. It’s a great option for those who are struggling financially to pay for their medications and for those who are looking for a more efficient way to get their medications.

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