BMW’s i Vision Dee: A Personalized and Connected Driving Experience

BMW's i Vision Dee: A Personalized and Connected Driving Experience

BMW’s i Vision Dee concept vehicle was recently unveiled at CES 2023 and it brings a whole new level of digitization to the driving experience. The car features a full-width heads-up display (HUD) that runs across the front windshield and is controlled by BMW’s Mixed Reality Slider. This leverages the company’s “shy tech” sensors to allow drivers to choose how much digital content is displayed on the HUD, sliding from fully analog up to four additional steps: driving-related information, infotainment information, AR, and (eventually) full VR. The i Vision Dee also has a personalized welcome scenario that combines graphical elements, light, and sound effects, and drivers can communicate directly with the vehicle through verbal commands. The car will respond using its headlights and kidney-shaped grille to convey different facial expressions, including joy, astonishment, and approval. Many of the features from the i Vision Dee are expected to make their way into production models on BMW’s NEUE KLASSE EV platform beginning in 2025.

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