Invasions of Privacy: How Thermal Detectors Can See Through Your Walls

Invasions of Privacy: How Thermal Detectors Can See Through Your Walls

Hand-held thermal detectors, also known as thermal imaging devices, have the ability to detect infrared radiation emitted by all objects with a temperature above absolute zero. While these devices can have positive uses in industries such as security, firefighting, and infrastructure inspections, they can also be used in the wrong hands to invade privacy.

By using a thermal imaging device to photograph a smartphone, for example, it is possible to see infrared spots on the device indicating where it has been touched. The brighter an area appears on a thermal image, the more recently the smartphone was touched.

Thermal imaging device

Thermal imaging devices can also potentially be used to see through walls and reveal what is inside a home without the homeowner realizing it. However, the ability to see clearly into a home would depend on the specific device and its capabilities, as well as the thickness and composition of the walls. These devices can also detect the heat emitted by a person’s body, even if they are wearing clothes, but the image created by the device would not show details of a person’s body. Unfortunately, these thermal imaging devices can now be easily obtained online and at an affordable price, making them accessible to criminals who may use them to violate your privacy

How to Secure Your Home and Privacy from Thermal Imaging Devices

To protect yourself and your home against thermal imaging devices, some solutions include using thermal-blocking materials such as aluminum foil or special thermal-blocking paint to cover windows and walls, installing thermal curtains or blinds, using a thermal imaging camera to detect the presence of thermal imaging devices, being aware of your surroundings, and consulting with an expert in the field of thermal imaging and countermeasures for further guidance and advice.

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