How to Manage and Set up Google Alerts

How to Manage and Set up Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a feature that allows users to monitor any content on the web and receive updates in the form of links via email. Here’s how to set up and manage Google Alerts:

Step 1: Go to and enter your search query as you would for a normal Google search. Use quotes, the minus sign, and the site prefix to narrow down your search results.

Step 2: Use the “Show options” menu to specify the type of content you want to receive alerts for, or choose “Everything” to receive alerts for all types of content including web search results, blog search results, and news.

Step 3: Select a delivery rate. The default is once per day, but depending on the subject, Google may not be able to deliver alerts on a daily basis. You can also choose to receive “Only the best results,” which filters results to those that are most relevant and of high quality.

Step 4: Enter the email address where you want to receive your alerts. If you’re not signed in to a Google Account, you’ll need to verify your email address. Alternatively, you can choose to receive alerts via an RSS feed by selecting the “Feed” option in the “Deliver to” field (if signed in to a Google Account).

Step 5: To view, edit, or delete your alerts, go to the “Manage your Alerts” page and use the edit and delete buttons. You can also add additional email addresses to your Google Account and receive alerts at those addresses.

To delete an alert, simply click the trash bin icon. Please note that alerts are deleted immediately and there is no confirmation window.

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